Paper machine coater modifikation

Paper machine modification

Paper machine modification

Project scope:

The original reverse roll coat method will be replaced with a jet coat method.
The transfer rollers were removed and replaced with jet bars.
For the smoothly integration of the new jet bars in the existing machine it was necassery, to verify a very careful on-site status of all departments.
The total rebuild was done beginning with the mechanical work onto the optimization of the process leading system within one week.

IAS project:

  • Verifying the on-site status in the departments DCS,

  • Control engineering

  • Electro-technics

  • Engineering, installing overhead

  • Clarifying the functions with Metso

  • Creating the software on DCS Alcont (Honeywell)

  • Initial start up, optimization, interface definition and integration of the new functions in the existing logic

  • Customer stuff training

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