Air tunnel Roche

Air tunnel

Climate tunnel

General function

The system is used for drying the modules (several modules in a magazine) which are used for the analysis and evaluation of blood values. Various liquids are dispensed onto the modules (not part of the system). The feeding station then loads the modules on a timed conveyor belt (stroke length 60mm) alternately one left and one right.


The flow from the feeding station through to the tray is inserted via a recipe that can be preselected on the touch panel. This formula contains the number of modules per charge, the pause time of the conveyor belt, the temperature and humidity set values of the two air routes and other important control parameters of the air routes. The operator starts the loading of the magazines via the feeding station on the conveyor belt by pressing a button. The conveyor belt moves forward at each load or after expiration of a pause. After each charge, a log is printed, which contains the charge number, the number of loaded and unloaded magazines, the pause time of the conveyor belt, the temperature and humidity levels, and possible errors during the execution. Generally, only one automatic mode is provided; however, for adjustments and troubleshooting procedures it is possible to switch to the service mode, in which the movements of individual parts of the system can be driven.

IAS project:

  • Preparation of specifications together with the system supplier and the customer
  • Selection of all electrical components, especially in regard to personal safety
  • Hardware planning
  • Software development (operation with Cimplicity, steering with S7)
  • Implementation of a FATs
  • IBS and optimization at the customer’s site
  • Training of customer personne

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