Coating kitchen

Coating Kitchen: Upgrade DCS

Coating Kitchen
Coating Kitchen

Project scope:

Upgrade DCS of coating citchen STK09 (2400I/O) from Alcont 1 (year1987) to Experion PKS (Honeywell)

IAS project:

  • Creation of loop typicals in coordination with the customer.

  • Definition of the interface to an existing coating citchen (exchange of restcolours), pigment preparation, coating machine and paper machine (press size and mass starch).

  • Creation of a database (Access) to handle and allocate the program printouts (text files) of the old DCS.

Note: This was very helpful because the pictures, loops, alarms, logics, controls, datatransfers (system internal and -external), protocols and archiving were done with different program editors in different stations (process-, system-, protocol station, decentral I/O-cabinets).
With this data base it was possible for technician to interprete the entire program code, even if no „Alcont 1 - experts“ were available.
The recipe management (batch control) including the interface to the logic was changed completetly. This required a new engineering of the dosing sequences including tank– and product lists.

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