Dip Tank Manipulator

Steel industry: A 220 Dip Tank Manipulator

Dip Tank Manipulator

Project description:

The equipment [machine] supports fully automatic manipulation of steel blocks (up to 1200 degrees and eight tons). The dip tank manipulator is a part of a fully-automatic production line. The preceding pieces of equipment primarily consist of the forge and the hot saw. Following it is heat treatment equipment.

Note: Steel blocks (20 to 1200 degrees) that are delivered from the forge can be processed in the following ways:

  • Placed into or removed from a dip tank with a manipulator

  • Combining in one lot (“Ofenlos”) for further heat treatment

  • Transportation to a loading dock

Each steel block is weighed and then precisely positioned on the conveyers using lasers. The entire process is controlled by the customer’s material tracking system (MVS) and the preceding hot saw. An operator can enter data manually if production data is missing or incorrect. These manual interventions are sent to the MVS for tracking purposes.

IAS Project:

Scope: Control Simatic S7 with ca. 350 I/O´s, visualisation WinCC

The overall project covers the range from determining specifications by a plant engineer to the planning of all the hardware - taking into account the relevant safety requirements - to software creation, control cabinet construction and installation. Initial start-up is completed with system optimisation and connection to the client’s material tracking system (MVS).

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